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Mai Dubai Company Profile

For a country that forges ahead. Where the impossible doesn’t exist and millions choose to write their own story every day. Mai Dubai as a brand represents the city of Dubai, a globally recognized brand. “Mai” is water in Arabic, which technically means the Water of Dubai and is perceived as “My Dubai” because of its English pronunciation. Inspired by Dubai’s spirit and relentless ambition, since 2012, Mai Dubai has strived to be the Middle East’s leading sustainable bottled water brand made for today’s trendsetters from across the globe and diverse backgrounds, who call Dubai their home, turning dreams into reality.

Mai Dubai has been at the forefront of innovation. We are the first and the only bottling plant in the region to be 100% solar-powered, marking the second year in a row for achieving net-zero energy consumption. Our factory has the 2nd largest solar roof installation in the world, with more than 52,000 solar panels, generating energy, to not only power the entire plant, but also clean themselves automatically, using the same energy.

Our latest addition is the new PET line, a speedy bottling line capable of producing 86,000 bottles per hour and close to 2 million units per day. Exporting to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the GCC.

Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do at Mai Dubai. And for the company making millions of PET bottles every day, it was natural for us to take the initiative towards recycling. We teamed up with DGrade to produce sustainable clothing using recycled bottles.

Mai Dubai goes above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of its employees and its stakeholders. We have been accredited with Grade-A Health and Safety rating by Dubai Municipality and successfully achieved a five-star grading in the British Safety Council Occupational Health and Safety Audit. Our journey until now has been challenging yet exciting, witnessed by growth and outstanding achievements. We have overcome challenges, dared to achieve the impossible and yet we believe, this is just the beginning.

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