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Magrudy’s Company Profile

Magrudy’s, established in 1975, quickly became an integral part of Dubai’s community. Initially focused on educational toys and school supplies, the company soon expanded its offerings to include children’s books upon popular demand. Over time, Magrudy’s added new categories such as mother and baby, cookery, fiction, and more, eventually leading to the opening of a second shop to accommodate the growing book selection.

Although Jumeirah is considered the “spiritual home” of Magrudy’s, the increasing demand for books in Dubai allowed the company to open additional stores. Many customers who frequented Magrudy’s as children in the seventies and eighties continue to shop there as parents today.

In addition to its retail locations, Magrudy’s has built an excellent distribution and wholesale arm, supplying key accounts in the UAE and beyond. This rapidly expanding aspect of the business is an essential part of Magrudy’s future growth strategy.

Magrudy’s is currently developing a franchise program that aligns its strategic objectives with the interests of potential franchisees across the GCC territories. The company serves as a distributor for leading brands such as Filofax, Roger la Borde, Paperblanks, Orchard Toys, Santoro Graphics, and Carte Blanche.

As a family-run business with a focus on local community needs, Magrudy’s complements its book selection with an extensive range of cards, toys, stationery, and arts and crafts materials for all ages. The Jumeirah and Al-Ittihad branches also sell school uniforms.

Magrudy’s actively promotes reading among nationals and residents by hosting book clubs for adults and children, inviting authors for signings, and collaborating with local schools to encourage reading as a path to knowledge. This community-centric approach has solidified Magrudy’s reputation as a cherished local institution in Dubai.

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