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Looking for careers and jobs in Halliburton? Before you apply for the job vacancy, it is important for you to know the information about Halliburton. Bellow is the info of the company as well as the available job vacancies, we hope that this information will help and good luck on your career.

About Halliburton

Halliburton Company is an American multinational corporation, and one of the world’s biggest oil field services companies, with operations in more than 80 nations. It possesses hundreds of subsidiary companies, affiliates, branches, brands, and departments worldwide and employs around 70,000 individuals. The company has dual headquarters located in Houston and in Dubai, where Chairman and CEO David Lesar works and dwells, “to concentrate the company’s Eastern Hemisphere Growth.” The company stays incorporated in the USA. Halliburton’s important business section is the Energy Services Group (ESG). ESG provides practical products and services for oil and natural gas exploration and creation. Halliburton’s former subsidiary, KBR, is a leading construction company of refineries, oil fields, pipelines, and chemical plants. Halliburton declared on April 5, 2007 that it’d sold the department and severed its corporate relationship with KBR, which had been its contracting, engineering and building component as a portion of the company. The company was involved in numerous controversies, including the Deepwater Horizon explosion, for which it agreed to settle outstanding legal claims against it by paying litigants $1.1 billion. As of August 1, 2014 Jeff Miller was promoted to President of Halliburton reporting directly to Dave Lesar.

With over 55,000 workers, representing 140 nationalities in around 70 countries, Halliburton is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of products and services to the international energy industry. The Firm has corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Halliburton serves the upstream petroleum and natural gas business through the life cycle of the reservoir – from finding hydrocarbons and handling geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and end, and optimizing creation through the life of the field.

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