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Looking for careers and jobs in Axiom Telecom ? Before you apply for the job vacancy, it is important for you to know the information about Axiom Telecom. Bellow is the info of the company as well as the available job vacancies, we hope that this information will help and good luck on your career.

About Axiom Telecom

It was 1997 when Faisal Al Bannai determined that there was a better means to trade and distribute cellular devices and accessories. axiom telecom was born. And now it is all grown up. Now we are the biggest retailer and distributor in the area with 575 places and growing, and more than 2,000 hand picked pro workers across the United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UK and India. We are the important authorized retailer and distributor of some of the world’s most identifiable brands including Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and Givori. We also handle various telecom operator associates in each of the nations we’ve a presence.

The only thing we are met with is the next big idea. More happy customers. Unstoppable service. Our 60 second data transfer service is the ideal example where our customers can have all their data on their new cellphone in an instant. We also support customers to get hands on with the newest technology. And we are the first and only telecom retailer to supply pick up, repair and delivery service. And all that makes us grin. Our aim has consistently been to revolutionize our business. So we innovate. Afterward believe. Innovate some more. Afterward we get it done. Every day.

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