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Looking for careers and jobs in Apparel Group? Before you apply for the job vacancy, it is important for you to know the information about Apparel Group. Bellow is the info of the company as well as how to apply for job vacancies, we hope that this information will help and good luck on your career.

About Apparel Group

Apparel Group, a global fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate, is centrally located in Dubai, UAE, at the heart of a modern economy. Over the past 15 years, the group has experienced significant growth, acquiring a range of world-class fashion labels such as Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Aldo, and Tim Hortons.

Today, Apparel Group serves thousands of enthusiastic shoppers through its extensive network of over 1200 stores, employing more than 12,000 multicultural staff members across four continents. The company takes pride in turning dreams into reality, offering equal opportunities to its customers, stakeholders, and employees alike.

As a dynamic, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial organization, Apparel Group provides an ideal environment for career growth. The company’s culture is built on exploration, creativity, excellence, and teamwork in all aspects of its operations. The success of Apparel Group’s brands is primarily attributed to its dedicated staff, whose energy, enthusiasm, and expertise drive the brands forward in a rapidly evolving and exciting industry landscape.

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Note: For those who wants to know about the salary offered by the company, it always depend on your qualification and position that you applied.