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Created on the 5th December 1981 as a joint stock company in the combined sector, Al Ain Cooperative Society is the first of its kind created in Al Ain, the Green City of United Arab Emirates. It began its core business activities of retailing on 1st April 1982 and really earlier the residents of Al Ain observed a retailing revolution in their own neighborhood with divisions of “Al Ain Coop” elongating its hands over the length and width of the city limits and outskirts.

The development of Al Ain Coop was quite consistent, we’ve penetrated throughout the Al Ain marketplace and now managing 23 retail places and shortly to start 3 new factory outlets, we’re the biggest chain of retail stores in Al Ain & the market leaders in the grocery store sector for over 33 years, serving over 6 million customers every year. Our annual turnover is over AED 500,000,000 during the fiscal year 2015 and we’re keeping a very healthy growth rate year on year.

Believing in the “Build & Operate” retail strategy, Al Ain Cooperative Society has distinct store formats, each tailored to the customer’s needs in a certain locality and provide customers great value, quality, fresh produce and in store bakery things close to where they dwell. Our aim would be to be the first selection retailer for customers locally and by being finest at fresh, offering the very best promotional bargains, the finest in store availability and also the very best customer service. Our services and extensive number of store formats is among our key strengths that set us apart from our opponents. We continue to identify ourselves through customer insights obtained by assessing customer shopping habits and conduct assembled from our faithful customers.

We’re following indigenously developed MIS System, merchandise sourcing system and Warehousing & Logistic system, which is always reviewed and enriched. Our Warehouse is with 250,000 sq ft place capable of catering the growing demands of our expanding network of divisions. We’ve got a designated whole sale sourcing office catering simply to the exigencies Government Departments, Palaces, Hotels and other Private Organizations.

Years of expertise in data analytics have made us exponentially better at personalization and personal rewards. By deepening our focus on our customers, we’ve redefined our business model and made it more sustainable than ever. We leverage our data and analytic capacities to fortify our comprehension of shopper behavior over time. We’re constructing applicable and private links with each customer and that demands innovative new ways of thinking about our markets as well as our rivalry. Our customers tell us we’re always enhancing in the delivery of the proper products at the proper cost, with excellent service and an enhanced shopping experience, and that lets us understand that we’re different company we were even a couple of years back.

Al Ain Cooperative Society ensures customer satisfaction and regular convenience while offering unbeatable value for money with a huge collection of over 30,000 products, shoppers can buy things for their every demand, whether home electronics or fresh fruits from around the world, to locally produced items. Al Ain Cooperative Society is recognized as one of finest generous businesses for its support of local government things & societal communities.

We introduced the very first customer loyalty reward system in Al Ain, which has eventually become a very efficient and targeted advertising procedure with over 40,000 active members & over 6,000 national investor.

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