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Al Ahlia Group Company Profile

Established in 1979 by prominent UAE Nationals, Al Ahlia Group is a leading business organization with a mission to bring innovation, technology, and professionalism to the UAE for the benefit of all stakeholders. Over the past 25 years, Al Ahlia Group has achieved remarkable success and continues to grow and expand its business ventures.

One of the notable achievements of Al Ahlia Group was bringing Coca-Cola into the Middle East market in 1986 after a gap of over 30 years. In partnership with Coca-Cola, AL-Ahlia has secured a significant market share in the carbonated soft drink industry and operates a highly automated plant in Al Ain, UAE, with an investment worth tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to its partnership with Coca-Cola, Al Ahlia Group has entered into several joint ventures and business relationships with other multinational corporations such as Halliburton, Rolls Wood Group, Procor Sulphur Services Inc., Vetco Gray, Sharp Corporation, and others. Al Ahlia Group also pioneered the concept of modern cafes and supermarkets in the UAE in the early 1980s.

Today, Al Ahlia Group is a professionally managed business house with a turnover of over US $200 million and employs more than 1000 people. The company has diversified its operations and has invested over US $100 million in assets.

The success of Al Ahlia Group can be attributed to the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, who is a full-time executive, the direction and support of the shareholders, and the tireless efforts and dedication of its professional managers. The company is poised for aggressive growth and expansion as part of its long-term business strategy, building on its past success in terms of constant profits improvement, available liquidity, and an overachieving workforce.

Al Ahlia Group is Divided into the following diversified Companies:

  • General Trading Co (PVT) LTD (Holding Company)
  • Coca Cola Al Ahlia
  • Oilfields Development Co
  • LA Brioche Bakery and Coffee Shop (La Brioche)
  • Office Automation Division. (SHARP)
  • Food Stuff Division (DANESI)
  • Sketchley Laundry UK. (Sketchly)
  • Al Ahlia Stores (PRISUNIC)

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