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Aims Healthcare Company Profile

Aims Healthcare is a leading home healthcare provider in Dubai, delivering on-demand medical attention with an aim to become Dubai’s preferred healthcare partner. The healthcare provider offers immediate access to treatments and procedures conducted by highly-qualified and certified doctors, physicians, caregivers, nurses, and medical specialists through just one call.

At Aims Healthcare, patient-centric experience is the underlying principle behind every treatment, revolving the clinical approach and desired outcome 360ยบ. The provider strives to bring innovation in medical care by offering the convenience of compassionate caregiving. Aims Healthcare’s goal is to provide the latest, cutting-edge medical technology and treatment with empathetic care, making it the first choice for those seeking the best medical care in Dubai.

The healthcare provider’s mission, vision, and values remind them of their promise to provide the best care to their patients. Their internal processes, teams, and technologies are designed to abide by their brand promise, ensuring that they deliver exceptional home healthcare that abides by their guiding principle. Aims Healthcare understands that being in a familiar environment may lead to a faster recovery, and that is why they offer exceptional home healthcare that caters to their patients’ comfort in their own homes.

Aims Healthcare offers DHA-licensed medical practitioners who provide medical care and treatments at the patient’s doorstep, be it at home, office, or in a hotel. They cater to a diversified range of medical assistance and provide superior-level medical practices with accessibility to highly-qualified medical professionals, yielding exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes. Aims Healthcare prides itself on its swiftness, coupled with its robust operating processes, ensuring personalized medical service and support at the patient’s home.

The healthcare provider’s passionate team consists of DHA-licensed medical practitioners trained in all core medical specialties, including family medicine, pediatrics, physiotherapy, nursing, and many more. The team consists of expert, professionally-trained, and licensed medical specialists who can be at the patient’s location in less than 30 to 45 minutes. Aims Healthcare is built on the foundation of empathetic and nurturing instincts, providing care that eases the patient’s discomfort and makes them feel assured. The healthcare provider treats its patients like family, ensuring that their betterment and well-being motivate them.

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