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JCB/Shovel Operator

Location: Dubai

Job Details: JCB/Shovel Operator Location: Dubai Job Type: Employee Job Status: Full Time Job Details JCB/Shovel Operator with UAE Experience and License required for

Posted 8 days ago

Diesel Mechanic

Location: Dubai

Job Details: Diesel Mechanic (Truck, Caterpillar, Shovel, TCM Doosan Forklift) required for a building material production company in Al Ain....

Posted 11 days ago

Crane Operator Needed For a Construction Company

Location: Ajman

Job Details: We have huge number of Volvo Shovel, Boom loader, Crane, Bob Cat, Trucks, Pick-up. Urgently required an experienced Crane operator for a construction and...

Posted 26 days ago

Shovel Operator with Dubai License

Location: Dubai

Job Details: We are urgently in need of Shovel Operator with Dubai License. Interested applicant kindly send your cv at [email protected]...

Posted 23 days ago

JCB / Shovel Operator

Company: Confidential
Location: Dubai

Job Details: JCB/Shovel Operator with UAE Experience and License required for a Contracting Company in Dubai

Posted 8 days ago

Drivers x 2

Location: Fujairah


Posted 30 days ago

shovel operator

Company: LF TRANS
Location: Abu Dhabi

Job Details: 10 hours daily work plus overtime with accomudation 2500 - 3000 salary Job Type: Full-time Salary: AED3,000.00

Posted 23 days ago


Company: Ocean Marine Ship Repair LLC
Location: Dubai

Job Details: Shovels or pours abrasives, like sand, grit, or shot of specified grade into machine hopper. Abrades surfaces of metal or hard-composition objects to remove...

Posted 30+ days ago


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